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Finance + Property Strategic Solutions & Planning Consultancy



It is with great pleasure that we welcome you 




Whiterock Finance & Property Strategic Solutions and Planning.  

A Financing and Property company whose inspired skill set, multi-layered knowledge and understanding, coupled with its long experience in financing and property. Coupled with its surgical ability to quickly and clearly understand a client’s needs, as well as its objective creativity, education, delivering on client’s property profits.  Its problem solving capacity to deliver on its strategic planning and delivery of its core values and goals, for all our clients, has been identified by fellow industry professionals and clients alike, as singularly unique and inspirational.


With 30+ years of experience in the Financing Industry, the Property Industry, as well as the associated Industries to these marketplaces, we have become extremely, effective, highly qualified, and successful in delivering on the results our Finance and Property client’s want, need and demand.


Working with first time buyers be they for a residential home or their first investment property, or experienced investor clients, portfolio building clients, renovation and conversion clients (both new to this marketplace or experienced), new build developers and builders and multi-million-pound property and financing clients, we have been fortunate to engage with them all.


As a Company we are exceptionally capable of believing on the “normal requirements of the finance and/or property client” but when it comes to complex, the difficult, the mountainous “hurdles” that other companies and individuals are unable to solve, that’s when we access another level.  Please read more in our “testimonials and case histories” section to understand the breath and depth of our abilities.



“……Delivering positive and profitable results for our clients in their pursuit of financing, or profit from property transactions and projects is a cornerstone of Whiterock.  


To achieve this, you need to understand.  To understand genuinely and sincerely what is to be achieved, what can be achieved, and then how this can be completed upon is the absolute priority of Whiterock……


To do this  you need to be able to firstly see the problem clearly and not be distracted by the irrelevant.  Then you need to be able to communicate to the client in such a way that they know you fully understand the objective and what’s needed next.


Then you need a creative, problem solving, tactical and clear-thinking mindset.  To see what a client or investor needs and then identify both the solution and how to achieve it, this is where all our knowledge and knowhow resides.


But then, we (WhiteRock) come into our own……..With the delivery team and associated partners and our sister financing company, we have in the Team, we are able to work alongside our client to achieve their goals…….and this is where WhiteRock and the core team members excel………….”



                                                                                                                                                                 Co - Founding partner


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Having accessed our website portal we respectfully invite you to take time and view all the individual areas we work within and then more greatly identify for yourself all that we are able to do and achieve for you.   


By now taking the time to visit and fully view our portal and all the content here-in you will, for yourself, be able to identify what we can undertake and deliver upon for our finance clients, investors and property clients and partners alike.  


Clients, as well as property partners and investors, who we can both assist and work positively and profitable alongside, irrespective of the size or the complexity of their objectives, to achieve the outcomes they seek.


Welcome to the answers.  

Welcome to the positive solutions you seek.  

Welcome to the one source that will transition and adapt to your needs.  


Welcome to success.  


Welcome to the inspiration and motivation you have been seeking.  Welcome to the weight being lifted and the profitable future you have been seeking…..


Welcome home….


Welcome to WHITEROCK.

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