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WhiteRock Consultancy Group and WhiteRock Strategies are a hugely reputable, multi-skilled, experienced, Company, providing strategies and consultancy specialisation to various sections within the property and financing marketplace.


The Company focuses on providing specialisation in the delivery of profitable outcomes to our clients and partners, in the provision of financing (multi-sectional), property (all areas) and creative sales and marketing strategies for delivery on our client’s profitable outcomes.


WhiteRock was originally founded in 1991 by experienced practitioners from the finance industry, property wealth creation, business finance, business asset finance, property development and the construction finance sectors. All these areas of expertise and experience and skills remain in the Company.


Together with our associated strategic partners, White Rock has the pre-requisite knowledge and ability to provide our clients and partners with progressive and innovative strategies and packages that are necessary to succeed in today’s property and development economic climate. The creative mindset of the senior consultants continually produces solutions and delivery strategies that other companies and individuals simply can’t identify. Thus, our clients enjoy a speedy and efficient rate of achieving their objectives whatever they maybe.

With comprehensive experience in finance strategies and detailed knowledge of the property marketplace including construction, development and ‘Exit strategy identification’, the additional knowledge and experience in property law, has established White Rock as a versatile and solution capable player in both commercial and domestic markets.

Our clients range from private individuals and investors to small businesses and large corporates.

With our head office located in the Midlands, and a regional office in the Home Counties, White Rock operates nationwide. We have also successfully assisted UK businesses work with financial institutions and companies based in Europe and the Middle East. Thus, we hold the requisite knowledge and know how, when addressing both UK property and financing objectives as well as within Europe and the Middle East.


Our Approach

White Rock take an innovative approach to developing financial funding strategies related to property acquisition, development and equity release. (You might say ‘we leave no rock unturned’ in order to provide our customers with effective strategic solutions).


  • WhiteRock has extensive and thorough knowledge of the commercial, residential, renovation and development and investment property industries.

  •  We are able to equally develop creative and successful sale packages to enable current properties and developments to be sold, as this is an unmoveable objective when working with our commercial clients because without establishing a clear “exit strategy” for the project, no profit is made by our client, nor wealth enhanced. So, ensuring we have a clear “route through to the end” is a paramount WR requirement. 

  • Working with vendors and buyers for property sales and overcome seemingly insurmountable property issues, are again, all within the achievable objectives of WR.

  • Our innovative approach gets results for our clients and developers (first time developers & experienced builders and developers) where other vendors and selling agents simply fail to see the bigger picture and solution.

  • It is the careful and considered application of all the knowhow, knowledge, skill and expertise held by WR and our associated delivery partners that we are quintessentially placed to deliver on our clients and “potential clients” needs as well as their profits and continued property wealth creation.

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